Contract Manufacturing


Today's customers demand the ability to issue one purchase order and streamline the entire value stream process. In addition to providing you with high-quality components, we can supply complete subassemblies or product ready for your operation to place into final assembly.

Our full-scale assembly shop has the ability to provide high quality workmanship on a project of the most demanding standards. A full set of precision instruments, routinely calibrated tools, and a highly-trained quality assurance team are at Arnprior’s disposal to ensure only parts that meet your requirements reach your shipping docks. 

An assembly cell that will reliably meet your production needs in terms of on time delivery, quality and unit cost can be created to meet any project need. We can either replicate your proven process or custom design one with very short lead times.

The Value of Arnprior for Contract Manufacturing:

  • High precision mechanical assembly
  • Innovative solutions to complex problems
  • Experienced technical professionals with a full complement of equipment and processes
  • Injection molding with post assembly and packaging
  • Cleanroom facility for assembly
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified        AS9100 Certified       ITAR Registered

Today we are relied upon to deliver over 500 different parts and assemblies into our customer’s final production.