We offer a wide selection of materials capabilities to assist in the development or production troubleshooting of products: 

Root Cause failure analysis of metal, electronic and plastic components.
•Full metallographic capability to verify microstructure of materials,  inclusion rating , grain size etc. 
•Wide range of wear test equipment to simulate interaction of mated materials. We list candidate materials at various loading and environmental conditions.
Mechanical testing per ASTM methods for various standard and non-standard properties (yield and tensile strength, flexural and tensile modulus etc).
•Full range of hardness testing (Superficial and Rockwell, Shore A and D and microhardness).
•State of the art 2D and 3D stylus and non-contact surface measurement capability allow us to fully characterize a surface or verify to specifications. 
ASTM testing on paints or coatings to determine abrasion resistance or chemical compatibility. 
Quick turn around times are always available.