Process Engineering


Molding plastic parts with consistent part quality requires Process Optimization. Our Plastic Engineers and Plastic Process Technicians employ a scientific, disciplined approach to molding that assures all dimensional capabilities of a mold are realized and that the fastest overall cycle time is achieved. This technology allows the molder to successfully set SPC limits around the critical machine process parameters, so non-conforming product will not be produced.

Services provided that help you achieve the lowest cost, repeatable plastic part:

• Process Optimization and Accreditation
• Transition processes from Prototype to Production
• Data Acquisition and Instrumentation
• Transfer molding processes from one supplier to another

Optimizing the molding process ensures you meet your quality, cycle time and cost goals. Accreditation and documenting the molding process allows plastic part production to be easily transitioned from prototype to production and also seamlessly move a mold from one capable molder to another.We offer a full line of portable equipment where we can monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot plastic processing equipment and provide solutions to existing problems. Vendor assessment and training can assure that personnel, equipment, and processes are world class.

Whether our team is working on a new process or modifying an existing mold process we can use Process Optimization to meet specific plastic part needs for greater efficiency, improved quality, or reduced cost.

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