Precision Grinding


Precision Grinding offers a variety of precision grinding services. Our capabilities include surface grinding, cylindrical grinding and jig grinding. Accommodation of sizes up to 120” in length x 30” wide with tolerances as close as 50 millionths.

Jig Grinding:
Our Three (3) CNC Moore Jig Grinders provide jig grinding solutions utilizing modern grinding techniques. Equipment capabilities include:
• Moore Autosize and Autogrind to maintain part geometry and size
   providing unattended operation.
• A Axis Control
• Moore spin table capability
• High speed grinding head capabilities
• Work Capacity to 24 x 48
• Features of Size: +/- .000040 - True Position to within .0001 in 3 axes

Cylindrical Grinding:
Our CNC Studer Cylindrical Grinder and additional equipment provide cylindrical grinding solutions including external grinding, face grinding, internal grinding and Contour and form grinding. Equipment capabilities include:
• Work Capacity up to 14 inches in diameter and 60 inches long
• Maximum weight between centers 130 kg (286 lbs.)
• Features of Size: +/- .000030 in the x & z axis

Precision Lapping and Surface Grinding Materials:
• Hardened Steel (58Hrc)
• Carbide
• Ceramic

Precision Grinding 01

Precision Grinding 02