Quality Assurance Services


Our personnel are experts in inspection methods and have extensive experience utilizing a combination of conventional and state of the art computer assisted inspection technologies. We offer inspection of parts that we have fabricated as well as contracted inspection of parts fabricated elsewhere.

Our quality system software provides intuitive measurement programming right from your CAD files offering more accurate and faster programming. Results from our equipment can be transferred to SPC analysis.

Consulting is provided to guide customers in areas such as tolerance feasibility, geometric tolerancing, measuring practices and print interpretation.

AS9100 Certificate Link

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Parts Inspection:
• Molded Parts
• Stampings
• Machined Parts and Castings
• One Piece, Parts and Assemblies involved in line problems
• Multiple samples for Statistical Information/Statistical Tool Inspection Report (SIFT/STIR) Analysis

Tooling Inspection:
• Dies and Mold Components
• Jigs, Fixtures and Gages
• Production Plates
• Automation Components