Technical Services


During the development of a product or custom equipment project there are many technical services that are needed to verify quality and solve design problems or concerns. ARMS has many of these services available to leverage development "all under one roof", as well as provide separate support to keep manufacturing plants running efficiently.

These are some of the services leveraged in project/equipment development and manufacturing plant support:
• Inspection
• Automation and Fixturing
• Diagnostic Services
• Materials Engineering
• Motor Repair
• Bearing Refurbishment
• Balance Stand
• Surface Metrology

Project and equipment development services help speed a project through design and testing by providing unique services such as utilizing our inspection group for quality assurance or materials engineering to understand failure analysis or wear testing.
Automation and fixturing is a key part of any development project. Whether you need a fixture to help create a specialized assembly or automate an assembly process our technicains can provide the design and guidance to get the job done.

Diagnostic services will help to define and recommend product solutions for issues such as vibration, accoustical, thermal and model analysis. These unique capabilities can also be leveraged in a plant environment to provide Predictive Investigation Services...before your equipment fails.

Bearing refurbishment can restore bearings to like-new condition at a fraction of the cost.

This vast array of technical services will provide a competitive advantage in development or a production environment.